AqueSys XEN45 Gel Stent One-Handed Injector

This 3D model was created as a reference for a surgical illustration depicting a glaucoma treatment using a micro gel stent performed by Dr. Ike Ahmed. Dr. Ahmed's one-handed injector provides a minimally invasive route to correcting the high intra-ocular pressure observed in this patients.

  • March 12 2014

Issus Nymph

The 3D issus nymph was featured on a mock front cover for the journal 'Science'. The issus nymph was the first species to be found with an mechanical gear. The gear serves as a timing mechanism to ensure that both legs fire simultaneous when they jump.

  • April 13 2014

Cyan Fluorescent Protein

An experiment into using Cinema4D to visualize protein structure. Interactive model coming soon!

  • June 13 2014